Finding and Keeping clients in the Music Biz

What online and in-person activities have you found the most worthwhile in building a client base for mixing and mastering? I’m going to expand on this a bit, and make it a bit more generic for anyone trying to make

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Y cables for Input Switching

Looking for an audio solution – I have a DAW (laptop) that is using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as the soundcard, connected via a USB hub. I also have a Roland RD64 as a controller which has its own onboard

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Multiband compression for Bass

Stephen – when using multiband compression to shape a bass track, is there a good “rule of thumb” to how to set the cross over frequencies? For example, if I wanted to the break the bass track frequency band into

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Monitors and Mixing

Stephen – I have a question which may be difficult to verbalize. When we mix a song over a set of speakers, we attempt to get the song sounding the best we can over those particular speakers. Then, if we

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Robot Mastering

Less is More! Bigger Sounds through Simplification

Stephen – have you any experience with these “online” mastering services? Here is one: (link removed) Apparently you can send in an MP3 file and they will plug it into an “algorithm” of some sort and then send it back to

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Questions regarding Analog vs Digital Compression

My favorite Recording and Mixing Gear - Analog Compressors

Hi Stephen, I am a third year music tech uni student. I was wondering if you prefer to use analogue hardware compression or a digital plug-in? Do you think that digital is taking over in studios when it comes to

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Expanders and their uses

Stephen – over the years you’ve answered several of my questions and have taught me a lot. I have another question if you’ve got the time. I hear everyone talking about compression for dynamics, but I never hear anyone talking

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Getting Started as a Mixing Engineer or Music Producer

Here’s a question I got via email this morning: What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out at producing/mixing music? I can’t quite decide if I’d rather wear the producer’s hat or the mixing engineer’s hat.

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Questions from a university student

Hello Stephen.  I’m studying for a Bsc(Hons) in Sound Technology at the University of Glamorgan.  Would it be possible for you to participate in a quick questionnaire with regards to the working methods of current producers/mix engineers? Let the interrogation

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MIDI and Audio – Connections

If I’m going to MIDI my Korg Extreme to an audiobox 44VSL interface to do everything one needs to in order to record…Am I still going to be using 1/4″ (phono) cables as well? (from Korg to interface) Also, while

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