Noticeable delay signal

Recently I mixed a song down from 16 bit WAV into WMA format and sent it to several friends via email to take a listen. One comment that came back was that when listening over speakers/monitors, the delay used on

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Inserts vs Effects Sends – Which to use for what

Many young engineers, and home recording enthusiasts, have never worked with an analog console before, and they only mixer they have ever used is that built into their DAW software of choice. They may have had no formal training, and thus may be unfamiliar with the way channel inserts and effects sends, or aux sends, are traditionally used, especially in the big studios with big analog consoles. While there is no right or wrong way to do anything, and modern DAW software and computers have enough power to do almost anything you want, there are reasons why the more traditional methods of using inserts and sends were established.

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