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April 1, 2016

FREE Mix - Get Mixed for free!

Submit your best song for a chance at a FREE Mix!

Starting in April 2016, I'm taking song submissions for a chance to get your song mixed for free, along with some online promotion.

Roughly once every other month (schedule permitting), I'll pick one song from all the current submissions through my mixing site, and do the mixing and mastering at no cost to the band/artist. Each time a free mix is completed, I'll do a bit of promotion for the artist and post the finished mix (streaming only) on my site. Depending on the type of work I do on it, and how busy I am at the time, I may also create a mix breakdown tutorial video of the song, showing what techniques I used to get the sound of the mix. Links to the band/artist site (or any online stores carrying the music) will be included in all promotions.

So, why am I doing this?

Certainly I get some promotional value for my mixing services, but it's mostly because I really do love mixing great songs from great bands/artists, and am very much interested in finding some new projects to work on, just for the enjoyment of it!

I've had a good and long career so far in the music recording & mixing business so far, but I realize that many young bands & artists these days (with the current state of the music industry) simply can't afford to hire a professional like myself, and so have not had the chance to experience the difference that a professional mix can make. So, I'm looking for great songs from bands and artists, that I think I would really enjoy mixing, and want to give them the chance to get at least one song professionally mixed at no cost or obligation.

Submit your song for consideration on my mixing web site at:

Please share with all your musicians friends as well!  I'm looking forward to hearing all the submissions!

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