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October 26, 2012

Drum Mixing Breakdown Video

Breakdown of the mix of Ben Smith's drums

The drummer for Heart, Ben Smith, helped me out with some drum tracks for one of the songs I co-wrote with Coreena, "If You Wanna".  We tracked the drums at the famous London Bridge Studio, which has a HUGE room, and then I mixed them in my own studio, DBAR Productions.  Getting a good sound was easy since we had a killer drummer, with a great sounding drum kit, in a really great studio, going through an incredible Neve console!  The challenge was to tighten up the drum sound as much as possible since there is a LOT of room sound that gets into all the microphones due to the huge room we recorded in.  This song called for a really tight and punchy drum sound.  I wanted to keep the natural sound of Ben's drums, so I didn't want to trigger any samples for this.  This video shows a track by track breakdown of the drums for the mix of the song.

Watch this in HD and Full Screen mode to be able to see everything and to get better audio quality.

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